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  • Blue bar mitzvah set

    Is your child about to have a bar mitzvah? Mazal Tov! Mark this unique moment with a gift that will follow him throughout this essential step. 13 years old, an important age! To celebrate this birthday in the most beautiful way and to mark your boy’s entry into the fulfillment of the mitzvot, give him this complete set. A set made in Israel that contains:

    • A 130*180 acrylic talith
    • Tefilin pshoutim (checked twice by computer)
    • 2 bags : talith bag+ tefilin bag
    • White Kippa with Maguen David
  • Breslev Bar Mitzvah Set

    Want to celebrate your child’s bar mitzvah in Breslev style? This bar mitzvah set is the gift for you! An original and complete set inspired by the words of Rabbi Nahman. Your son will be delighted to wear his white kippah embroidered with the Breslev flame, matched with the 2 talith and tefilin bags.

    The most beautiful way to fulfill the mitzvot by putting all his heart into it.

    • white acrylic talith 130*180
    • Tefilin pshoutim (checked twice by computer)
    • 2 bags « Aech Cheli »: talith and tefilin
    • White embroidered Breslev Kippa
  • White Bar Mitzvah set

    What could be more beautiful than celebrating your bar mitzvah with a matching set? Your son will look great in synagogue with this all-white bar mitzvah package. A set that includes a talit, a talit and tefilin pouch, a yarmulke and tefilin that match perfectly. Because there’s nothing more moving than watching your child grow up and perform mitzvot like an adult, give them a gift that will remind them of this magical moment for a long time.

    A bat mitzva pack designed by LevJudaïca with strictly selected accessories.

    • A white acrylic talith 130*180
    • Tefilin pshoutim (computer verified twice)
    • 2 white velvet bags:  talith bag +  tefilin bag
    • White embroidered Kippa

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