Jewelry is not only for women, husbands, brothers, friends, can also choose from a wide range of Jewish men’s jewelry adapted to their styles. There is something for everyone: necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings, for all tastes and for all occasions. They can choose between: gold plated, yellow gold, silver plated, silver plated, sterling, rhodium plated, solid silver, zirconia, quartz and why not diamond and precious stones. The Kabbalah emphasizes the energetic virtues of certain stones, which is why they often complete the structure of jewelry: topaz, onyx, ruby, lapis … So many elements that protect from the evil eye and promote positive energy.

The LevJudaïca website offers a wide range of Jewish jewelry for men: pendants inspired by the Tsahal (Israeli Defense Army), red bracelets of the Kabbalah, plated pendants like those worn by the hayalim, Magen David, Hamsa and Haï. Original gift ideas for all those who wish to keep a link with Israel, Jerusalem and Judaism.


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  • Necklace with Mezuzah- HaEsh Sheli- Hamsa

    The ideal gift for the followers of spirituality and kabbalah. A silver pendant in the shape of a mezuzah in which a parchment has been inserted. An original piece of Jewish jewelry that will appeal to followers of Rabbi Nahman’s Breslev movement since the HaEsh Sheli symbol is engraved on it. On the other side of the mezuzah is a hamsa, responsible for keeping the evil eye away.

    An elegant Jewish jewel that will suit a man as well as a woman.

    • Rhodium Necklace
    • Comes with a 50.8cm chain
    •  Silver pendant
    • Made in Israel
  • Hayal pendant-Israeli Air Force

    Show your commitment to the Israel Defense Army (IDF) with this pendant! A necklace embellished with a Star of David and engraved with the initials of the IDF. On the back of the pendant is engraved a prayer in Hebrew for peace and the return in good health of all the hayalim of Israel. A strong symbol to wear with pride!

    • Chain size: 68cm
    • Comes with a stainless steel ball chain
  • Jewish jewelry - Hay necklace - Magen David

    Here is a Jewish jewel that suits women as well as men! A pendant made in Israel that represents 2 symbols of the Jewish religion: the Magen David (Star of David) and the Haï (2 Hebrew letters Youd and Het ) which means life. An original and delicate idea for a bar mitzva, bat mitzva or any other Jewish religious ceremony. A way to keep a part of your Jewish heritage close to you.

    • Rhodium Necklace
    •  Silver pendant
    • Length: 40 cm

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