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  • Kabbalah Red Thread Bracelet- Shema Israel- Hamsa

    In the Jewish tradition, the red Kabbalistic thread worn on the left wrist is known to offer protection against negative influences and the evil eye. In this model, for an extra blessing, it has been combined with a Hamsa and the Shema Israel prayer: one of the most important of the Jewish religion. An original model as a beautiful souvenir of Israel.

    • Easy to attach
    • Adjustable bracelet
    • Made in Israel

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  • kabbalah red bracelet -Lot of 5 red threads

    The essential Judaica accessory to protect yourself from the evil eye and counter negative energies. A red bracelet to be fixed on your left wrist with 7 knots (according to the Kabbalah) to ensure protection and mazal. Much more than a simple bracelet, a red thread coming directly from Rachel’s Tomb located in Beit Lehem, near Jerusalem. Suitable for women, men and children.

    An ideal souvenir gift from Israel.

    • Lot of 5 threads
    • Length: 26 cm
    • Made in Israel

    47 en stock

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