What is Kiddush?

Kiddush is one of the central rituals of Shabbat. It is a blessing said over a cup of wine every Friday night and Saturday morning before the traditional Shabbat meals.

To sanctify this moment as it should be, discover our collection of kiddush fountains on the LevJudaïca website.

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  • Blue Kiddush Fountain

    Looking for an original accessory to recite the Shabbat and holiday kiddush with your guests? Here is the model you need! A kiddush fountain with 6 glasses. An original artistic creation that stands out with its bluish tones. A successful alliance between your gray and blue tones.

    The fountain is composed of a central kiddush glass connected to 6 small glasses intended for the guests. Very practical so that everyone can enjoy this Friday night blessing.

    A beautiful Judaica accessory that will have a special place on your Shabbat and Yom Tov table. During the rest of the week, you can display it as a decorative object.

    The perfect gift for a wedding, engagement, sheva brakhot or a housewarming (hannoucat bayit)

    • Height: 21 cm
    • Material: aluminum
    • Made in Israel

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  • Kiddush Fountain silver plated + 6 glasses

    This silver plated kiddush fountain, presented on a tray and accompanied by 6 glasses, will look great on your holiday table (Shabbat and Yom Tov). A magnificent Judaica object, delicately decorated and chiseled. The tray is covered with engraved patterns that echo ancient Yemeni art. Much more than an accessory for the kiddush, a work of art to display in your home.

    The perfect gift for a wedding, engagement, sheva brakhot or a housewarming (hannoucat bayit)

    • Central kiddush glass
    • 6 glasses for guests
    • Composition: silver plated
    • Height: 17 cm
    • Made in Israel

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