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The kippah or yarmulke is a small hat or headgear used by the Jewish community. There are many mentions of this accessory (skullcap) in the Talmud or biblical account: any person of Jewish faith must wear it. The kippot, like the Jewish star, are part of the religious symbols.

Even the least observant Jews who go to synagogue for Kippur wear a head covering. Jewish celebrities or those of Jewish descent follow some of the Jewish customs by wearing headgear on special occasions.

On our LevJudaica website, you will find kippahs of all shapes, colors and prices. A quality collection for all occasions. International delivery

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  • Breslev white kippah- Kippa Na Nah Nahma Nahman Meuman

    You will love your yarmulke inspired by Rabbi Nahman’s message:

    נ נח נחמ נחמן מאומן- Na Nah Nahma Nahman Meouman

    A white kippah suitable for all Jewish holidays: Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Shabbat and other Yom Tov. A model that all Breslev followers will love!  With the famous: Ech Cheli, the flame of Rabbi Nahman.

    The ideal accessory to be always be Simha!

    • Diameter: 17cm
    • Color: white
    • Made in Israel
  • Israel Tshahal Suede Kippa

    Fans of the Israel Defense Army (Tashal) will love this yarmulke! A green suede model with camouflage pattern. It features the Hebrew inscription צ.ה.ל+ the original crest. An ideal gift for a young bar mitzva or to keep a souvenir of a trip to Israel.

    • Diameter: 16 cm
    • Material: suede
    • Made in Israel
  • Kippah Tsahal- Israeli Army

    Fans of the Israeli Defense Army will love this yarmulke! A model made in Israel with camouflage pattern. The inscriptions צהל and Israeli Army are also embroidered on it with golden letters. An ideal gift for a young bar mitzva or to keep a souvenir of a trip to Israel.

    • Diameter: 19 cm
    • Golden embroidery צ.ה.ל Israel Army
  • Baby white Kippah - Brit Mila

    Mazal tov for the arrival of this little prince! Prepare baby for his brit mila with this kippa specially designed for newborns. A very soft, bright white model with 2 ties for a better hold.

    • Diameter of the kippah: 9cm
    • Material: Satin
    • Made in Israel

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  • Kippa Mazal Tov white satin

    You are getting ready to get married, Mazal tov! Spoil your guests with this white satin  wedding kippah, decorated with a bride and groom design. All you have to do is place them at the entrance of the chuppah or the wedding hall! Your guests will be able to keep an unforgettable souvenir of this great day.

    • Diameter: 12cm
    • Made in Israel

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