What is the significance of this Jewish holiday: Passover?

Passover, also called Passover and Pesach in Hebrew, is an essential element in Judaism. It is a Jewish pilgrimage holiday that takes place in the month of Nissan and commemorates the liberation of the Hebrews from slavery in Egypt. This Jewish celebration marks the first and most important event in the history of the Jewish people. For seven (or eight) days, all leavening (hametz), whether in bread or other mixtures, is forbidden, and only unleavened bread, called matzot, may be eaten. The matzah symbolizes both the suffering of the Hebrews during their slavery and the haste with which they left Egypt during the exodus. Passover is also sometimes called the Festival of Unleavened Bread or Pessa.

One of the Jewish holidays that requires many preparations. Accessories dedicated entirely to Pesach are also necessary. Matzot covers for the Pesach Seder, boxes for matzot, Afikoman pouch… Models to be found in our special Pesach range.

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  • Afikoman Bag for Passover- Pomegranates

    An essential accessory on the Pesach Seder table: a pouch for the Afikoman. A creation of the Israeli artist Yair Emanuel. A model made of patchwork and embroidery with motifs of leaves and pomegranates. Ideal to hide the piece of matzah that we eat at the end of the Pesach Haggadah.

    Dimensions: 30×32 cm

  • kiddush cup eliyahu hanavi

    On the evening of the Pesach Seder, after the Haggadah has been read and the four cups of wine have been drunk, it is time to bring in a special guest, the Prophet Eliahu Hanavi, who is charged with bringing good news to the entire Jewish people. For this purpose, a glass is specially dedicated to him: the Eliahu Hanavi glass. This accessory can also be used for Shabbat and holiday kiddush.

    Choose this kiddush glass delicately engraved with a view of the Old City of Jerusalem: the Kotel, the synagogues, the City of David…

    A gift to offer for a wedding, an engagement, Sheva Brakhot, a hanoucat baït… Or for any other Jewish holiday.

    • Height: 25 cm
    • Material: Gold-plated metal
    • Made in Israel
  • Matzah box- Rectangular melamine

    Don’t leave your Pesach matzot in their cardboard packaging anymore. With this melamine box for Maztot you can store your matzah in a safe place while decorating your festive table! A retro style matzot box that will quickly find its place on the Pesach Seder table. Practical to avoid your matzah chmura to be in contact with hametz.

    A box in light tones with the Matza inscription (מצה) in the center. An original and above all very practical Pesach gift idea. Made in Israel.

    • Dimensions: 20.5x19cm
    • Material: melamine
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    Boite pour Matzot Pessah
    Matzah box- Round Matzah
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    Don’t pass the next Pesach Seder without adorning your festive table with this delicate Matzot box. A Judaica accessory made by an Israeli artist, so that reading the Haggadah is a time of joy and family sharing. You can also keep your matzot in this box throughout the week of Hol Hamoed Pesach. A gift as decorative as it is useful.

    • Dimensions: 34×7 cm

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  • Matzah Cover- Seder design

    Don’t pass the next Pesach Seder without adorning your festive table with this delicate mappa for Matzot. A Judaica accessory made by an Israeli artist, to make the reading of the Haggadah a time of joy and sharing with the family. This matzah cover consists of a set of embroidery with the central inscription representing the 4 wine cups of the Seder.  Then all around ישראל, כהן, לוי (Levy, Israel and Cohen). This corresponds to the 3 matzot that must be placed in the center of the table when reading the Pesach Haggadah.

    • Dimensions: 43 cm in diameter
    • Material: Satin


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  • Matzah cover- White Satin

    For an elegant Pesach table, consider this embroidered matzot cover. A delicate piece of work, made in Israel, ideal for adding a festive touch to the Pesach Haggadah. This mapa contains the embroidered names of all the ingredients of the Pesach Seder

    • Dimensions: 45 cm in diameter
  • Passover Afikoman bag

    A must-have accessory on the Pesach Seder table: a pouch for the Afikoman. A creation of the Israeli artist Yair Emanuel. Ideal for hiding the piece of matzah that is eaten at the end of the Passover Haggadah.

    • Dimensions: 30×32 cm


  • Passover matzah tray

    This year, celebrate the Pesach Seder with this refined Judaica accessory. A silver dish that will brighten up your holiday table and on which you can place your matzah. A beautiful way to celebrate this Jewish holiday and to read the Haggadah dedicated to the exit of the Hebrew people from Egypt.

    • Diameter: 25 cm
    •  Material: metal
    • Made in Israel
  • Passover Seder plate

    Don’t miss this essential element of the holiday: the Passover Seder plate . A model made by an Israeli artist that will proudly stand in the center of the table. The perfect accessory to display all the ingredients mentioned in the Haggadah. 6 compartments with Hebrew (and English) inscriptions: maror, zroah, harosset, hazeret, carpass, betza. As practical as it is aesthetic!

    • Diameter: 35 cm
    •  Material: Melamine
    • Floral pattern
    • Made in Israel

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