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Bar Mitzvah sets

Give the best gift to a young bar mitzvah with these packs. Tefilin, talit and tefilin pouches, kippah and talit, a complete set that will accompany him in the fulfillment of the mitzvot. 

Set Bar Mitsva bleu
Blue bar mitzvah set
Set Bar Mitsva Brelsev
Breslev Bar Mitzvah Set
Set Bar Mitsva Blanc
White Bar Mitzvah set

Mezuzah boxes and mezuzah scrolls

Mezuzah boxes and mezuzah scrolls

Parchemin Mezouza-Sépharade
Klaf Mezouzah cacher
-6%LIMITEDSold Out
Mezouza Ville de Jérusalem- couleurs vives
Mezouza Ville de Jérusalem- couleurs vives 2
Boitier mezouzah effet 3D
Striped mezuzah case
Sold Out
Boitier mezouza - Couronne de Jérusalem


Shabbat is considered the holiest day in Judaism. On this occasion, we gather as a family to share a festive meal and take a break from our daily lives. Many Judaica accessories are dedicated to Shabbat: kiddush glass, Shabbat candlesticks, keli to rinse the hands …. Discover our specially selected range. 

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Coupe kiddouch argentée
-9%LIMITEDSold Out
Coupe Kiddouch- Argentée
Kiddush Cup - metallic
Sold Out
Bougeoirs de Chabbat- Bleu Metallisé
Sold Out
Set bougeoirs Shabbat- Motifs Vieille Ville de Jérusalem

Taliths- Taliths and Tefilin bags

According to Jewish tradition, the Lord commanded the Jewish people to affix bangs to the corners of their garments so that they would constantly remember H’ and His commandments. The taliths are usually blue and white and come in different sizes. To store them properly, there is nothing like a talit and tefilin bag. Choose yours on LevJudaïca. 

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Attaches pour Talith Tables de la loi
Sold Out
Set pochettes Talit Tefilines en cuir

We are the premier online store for top quality Israeli Judaica products! We work with Israel’s finest artists to bring you an unparalleled collection of Judaica and Jewish products. We stock thousands of beautiful “made in Israel” gifts at competitive prices. Whether you are looking for Jewish jewelry, religious products, decorations, souvenirs from Israel, or beautiful Jewish art, we have what you need! Levjudaica is proud to offer excellent customer service, great prices, and a large selection of wonderful Israeli products delivered worldwide.


Kabbalah jewelry - segulot - hay necklace -Maguen david

Since the biblical period, Jewish tradition has emphasized the power of tehilim and Kabbalah to bring protection. The great masters of Jewish thought recommended reading verses from the Bible or psalms to ward off the evil eye. These texts can be found in blessings to be worn on oneself or in jewelry. Red thread bracelets to stir up the mazal, protection against bad energy, Cohen’s prayers. Keep these precious Judaica accessories with you at all times. 


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